The Attack of the Snow Ducks

Mysterious duck-shaped snowballs appear around campus

Snow ducks sat lined up on top of the Ripon College sign next to Farr Hall. Photo courtesy of Caitlin Marsch.

As students returned to campus from Winter Break, they were met by an army of ducks — ducks made out of snow, that is. 

These tiny sculptures can be found everywhere on campus; they have been spotted from the Campus Apartments to outside of the Commons to down by the Wilmore Center.

Although the origin of Ripon College’s new icy guests is unknown, they are lifting some student’s winter blues.

“I saw a couple this morning, and it made me so happy,” said Rachel Travis, a sophomore.

“To whoever is leaving snow ducks on campus, I hope you have the best of days, and I wish you all of the best vibes,” sophomore Raquel Potter said. 

A single snow duck sits on top of an automatic door button. Photo courtesy of Caitlin Marsch.

“They’re just some cute little guys,” junior Isaac Tomaschefsky said.

“I honestly don’t even know what they’re for, but they’re very cute and I think it’s a fun thing to spot around campus,” senior Maddie Clark said. “They make the snow fun.” 

“Seeing them was really one of the highlights of my day. It’s fun to add a bit of brightness to what would be crappy weather,” Bren Davis, a senior, said.

“They are pretty iconic and bring me joy,” senior Hailey Makuski said.

Although the ducks will only be around until the snow melts, they’re warming students’ hearts even when the temperatures are cold.