Ripon College Counseling promotes relaxation with new space

Counselor Emily Johnson in the new Relaxation Room. Photo Courtesy of Bryson Patterson

The Ripon College Counseling Department debuted a new relaxation space this semester. Room 305 in Bartlett Hall is in the process of being transformed into a “tele-health and relaxation room.” 

Though it is still in progress, the room is already accessible to students. 

The room is available to all students to enhance the health and wellness services located on the third floor of Bartlett Hall. 

“A fair number of students continue to meet with their counselor or therapist from home while they are here at Ripon,” licensed college counselor Cindy Viertel said.“Students may reserve the space in order to meet with their provider from off campus. We also use the space to educate students about relaxation techniques, mindfulness, meditation and even appropriate napping behaviors. It can also be a space where a student who is anxious prior to a presentation or exam, can get grounded and be in a good place to take on an academic challenge.”. 

The relaxation room features tools such as a mood lamp, weighted blanket, lounge pillow, sound machine, and other functional furniture. More will be added in the near future. 

The space may be used during counseling sessions, but can also be reserved by any student by emailing [email protected]

As the semester progresses, time to relax can be harder to fit into a college student’s schedule. Viertel noted the importance of relaxation: “Even 15 minutes a day of being intentional and stopping, breathing, taking a time out is helpful.”

Relaxation can look different to everyone, she explained. 

“It might be spending time outdoors, doing something creative,like drawing, painting, crafting.  It might be a relaxing meal with a friend.  If it’s a particularly busy week, put something on the calendar or tell a friend what the relaxation goal is.  Friends can support each other in taking a time out.” Viertel said.