Staffing Shortage at Starbucks

Staffing Shortage at Starbucks

Starbucks is closed for the remainder of the week due to a staffing shortage

By Madelyn Kohn


Unfortunately due to staffing shortage at Starbucks we will currently be closed today through Friday 2/18. We’ll be back and running on Saturday! Sorry for any inconvenience,” said Kedren Hardee, executive chef of Sage Dining, via email Feb. 16.


Many coffee-deprived students at Ripon College are anxiously waiting for Saturday, when Starbucks is scheduled to reopen. 


Junior Abigail Gilbertson, whose favorite order is a Pink Drink, explained why she needs Starbucks to reopen quickly. 


“Going to Starbucks is in my daily routine! Having my pink drink is essential to getting me through the day. So I’m very sad to hear that Starbucks is closed for a couple of days. but I really hope everyone is ok and I’m able to see the nice staff working there again soon,” Gilbertson said. 


“Unfortunately, it is closed due to COVID-19 sickness, and contact tracing. We are just trying to keep everyone safe. and we are so sorry for the inconvenience,” General Manager Dustin Tessmer said in response to the situation. 


Throughout the past few weeks the number of positive Covid-19 cases has decreased, but it is still present.  From Jan. 21 to Jan. 27, 35 positive cases were reported on the Ripon College campus. The latest update was from Jan. 28 to March 3, showing five positive cases. This is an improvement, but the campus is continuing to struggle with finding enough workers through positive tests and contact tracing.