Updates as Students Come Back From Break

Updates as Students Come Back From Break

Updates that students need to know about for this first weeks of the spring semester

By Madelyn Kohn


Due to the dangerous omicron wave of COVID-19 in the United States, Ripon College is limiting how students will be able to interact with each other during the first weeks back on campus. Ripon College has made many announcements within the past week that students need to know about. This semester is opening up amid another surge of COVID-19. 


Students were required to get tested for COVID-19 upon arrival to campus, and other steps to mitigate COVID-19 also have been taken. 


According to Interim President Andrea Young, “Classes, in-season athletic activities and previously scheduled admissions tours may be held in person, but all other activities, including meetings, should be postponed or held virtually.” 


Along with the additional restrictions for the first week, normal precautionary measures will also be in effect: masks should be worn at all times and students are encouraged to get vaccinated and receive booster shots.


Another important announcement that students need to be aware of is that the Woodside Parking lot, next to the admission building, is not for students. 


The Ripon College Parking Crew sent out an email stating, “While we have not been heavily ticketing parking lots over the break period, vehicles found wrongfully parked in the Woodside parking lot will be subject to ticketing effective immediately.” 


Meanwhile, the campus security and safety team is facing staffing shortages. On Monday, Jan. 17, Mark Nicklaus, director of Residence Life, explained via an email that due to staffing shortages, there will not be an escort service available for students until more staff is hired. 


“Please dial 920-896-5344 to reach the emergency duty phone. Ripon College also has a strong and positive relationship with the Ripon Police Department, which is located just 2 minutes from campus. In an emergency, their quick response time is still outstanding,” he wrote. “If you see something suspicious or need a police response, call Ripon Police (920-748-2888) or 911.”


The search committee for the next Ripon College president is making strides as well. More news regarding the presidential search will be announced throughout this semester. 

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