Low Water Pressure In Ripon and On Campus

Low Water Pressure In Ripon and On Campus

An email was sent out about low water pressure on the morning of Catalyst Day

By Alexa Goeglein


Low water pressure caused by malfunctioning equipment owned by the city of Ripon led to the water being deemed unsafe. Students learned of this problem via campus-wide emails set on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 3.


The city of Ripon and all campus buildings were experiencing little to no water pressure due to a possible malfunction in the distribution system. The city was working to evaluate the issue and resolve the problem as soon as possible. 


Less than an hour later, an update was sent out informing everyone that the water service had been restored.


This all occurred during the time most students and faculty were preparing for Ripon College’s Catalyst Day. 


A release was sent a couple hours later stating that due to the loss of water pressure, residents of Ripon should avoid drinking from taps and drinking fountains until further notice. 


Due to this news, Starbucks was forced to close early due to concerns of the ice that is formed through city water. To accommodate students, SAGE has supplied bottled water and beverages in both the Commons and The Spot until further notice. 


The city is waiting for the DNR to notify us when the boil/bottled water advisory is no longer necessary. Samples of the water were sent in for testing and the city expects to get results by tomorrow afternoon. The public will be notified through the city of Ripon’s Facebook page and local media.


Director of Residence Life Mark Nicklaus answered questions he had been receiving regarding the water in a mass email sent out to students around 5 p.m. Wednesday evening. This email stated that it is safe at this time for students to use the showers and wash their clothes. However, students should refrain from brushing their teeth with the water from the sinks and using college water for drinking or cooking, unless boiling first.

For further updates on the progression of this story stay tuned to the College Days.