Gallaries, flowers, cafes, oh my!

Renovations you may have missed over the summer


By Samuel Audisho

Over the summer, multiple renovations were made to buildings on campus while most students were away. A pollinator path was added to campus, Bovay’s Study Bar and Mercantile is now in the campus apartments, and renovations to Rodman’s lobby are slated to begin later this fall.

Over the summer a pollinator path was installed around campus. This is an ecologically friendly group of flowering plants strategically placed across the landscaped areas of the school. The pollinator path is intended to attract bees and butterflies to promote the natural ecosystem around the college campus. If the path works as intended, students will see more creatures flying throughout campus this year.

Meanwhile, Bovay’s Study Bar and Mercantile is no longer on Watson Street. Instead it has been moved to the first floor lounge of the Campus Apartments.

For the seniors of Ripon College, this is the second time the Ripon College store has been moved. Originally Bovay’s, which was then the campus bookstore, resided in the space now occupied by the Center for Career and Professional Development. It was then moved onto Watson Street, replacing 314 as the college’s extension into the Ripon downtown area.

Brian Skamra, Ripon College’s Director of the Physical Plant Department, said the space where Bovay’s Mercantile originally took up, has become part of J’s BBQ.

Changes also are occurring on Ripon College’s lower campus. Over the course of the school year the front lobby of the Rodman Center will be completely remodeled. According to Skamra, some of the substantial changes to the lobby include new walls, changes to the lobby’s lighting, a resource room, and a stage area. Overall, this will give it a modern and more naturally lit appearance, fitting it in with some of the more recent buildings of the college.