Nate Ebert’s Retirement Party to Occur on Saturday

Ebert’s retirement party will be modeled after “Quad Bash”

By Ali Hamza


The first Quad Bash was held on Sept. 3, 2016. That event included volleyball, bags, two inflatables, a 75-foot long water slide, as well as live music. The Second Quad Bash held on September 22, 2018. In that event, the activities included Messy Twister, Sand Volleyball and a Slip ‘n Slide. Dinner was also served in the Quad that night with music as entertainment. It was meant to celebrate the end of the summer. However, this  Quad Bash is happening earlier because of Nate Ebert, who was the pioneer of previous Quad Bashes. He will be leaving Ripon College at the end of this academic year.

Therefore, all the RAs of the Quads planned this event to celebrate the work he has done for the college while providing students with a fun time before finals. “Nate’s Retirement Party” is happening May 4.

“Nate’s party was an idea that RAs had to throw at the end of the year for residence staff, [and we brought] in some intramurals budget for it. We just bring in a music act, we have some inflatables, we have some similarities to the original Quad Bash, which we had back in 2016. It just going to send everyone off at the end of the year with a little bit of a fun thing right before finals. It’s also the last program that I am involved with peers, so they wanna call it ‘Nate’s party,’” said Nate Ebert, Residence Hall Director for the Quad and Program Coordinator for Intramurals and the Fitness Center Ripon College.

“Nate’s Retirement Party will be the spring equivalent of Quad Bash, basically, a celebration of the academic year wrapping up. Additionally, because it is Nate Ebert’s last year at Ripon College and he has been such an important and valued member of the staff here, we wanted to have a special event to celebrate him. We will begin the day with an outdoors soccer tournament on Sadoff, followed by inflatable activities and a massive slip and slide on Sadoff. Later in the day, Sodexo will be serving dinner in the Quad, and Yam Haus, an indie pop band from the Twin Cities, will be providing entertainment, in addition to our own Khun Maung,” said Adam Wronski, 19’, RA for Quads.

“The purpose for Nate’s Party is to show our appreciation for all that he’s done for the college,” said William Bridenhagen, ‘21, RA for Quads.

Being based off of the Quad Bash, some similar activities will be happening at Nate’s retirement party..

“The day will start at 10 am with the soccer tournament, inflatable activities and the slip and slide will start around 2 pm, dinner will begin around five, and music will start at eight,” Wronski said.

The special thing about Nate’s Retirement party is that it’s not only an honor and farewell party for Nate Ebert but will also include fun activities for the students.

“We have never held this large scale of an event after the Spring Fest. It’s similar in nature to a Quad Bash of the previous years, but it is at the end of the year. I think at the end of the year, now with one large scale event, it is different, because, Yeah! you got Spring Fest, and all the fun things which are associated with that, but this is like; Oh ! Yeah! there is another thing. There is one more thing which we really got be able to look forward to prior to the end of the year. I think that’s gonna really go a long way into giving people fun really at the end of the year,” Ebert said.

“Not only will this be a day full of fun activities and events for our students, but it will also be a great way to celebrate Nate and all the work he has done for the college,” Wronski said.