Student thoughts on e-campus

Ripon College Students share thoughts and opinions on the new online bookstore
By Emily Janssen

Previously Ripon College had a physical bookstore in Pickard Commons, but last semester saw the closing of that store. Students now have the option to purchase their textbooks on the new e-Campus website. The books are shipped to the student and there is no option to send them to the bookstore the way there used to be.

Students have mixed feelings about e-Campus.

“The good thing about the digital bookstore is it seems the prices are a lot better, Amazon didn’t have better prices when I looked, said Mel Sohr. “The difficult part was how long it took to get my books after I bought them.”

The length of time it took to receive books was a common complaint.

“It was easier and more convenient to get books from the bookstore,” a student said on the poll that was sent out to all students. “It was fast and didn’t require a wait while it shipped. I also miss the apparel. We went from a lot of Ripon College apparel to 10 items.”

Some students have more optimistic opinions:

“I imagine it’s much more economical for the college to use the e-Campus service, but I don’t see it being a workable replacement for the physical bookstore,” said another student on the poll “That being said, if the money saved from ditching the bookstore helps some of the faculty/staff keep their jobs or goes to strengthening the school I see no reason not to use the e-Campus approach.”