Ripon College signs contract with Apogee TV

By: Hannah Tetzlaff

After negotiating and deliberating, Ripon College decided over winter break to choose Apogee TV as its new television provider, making it the first college in Wisconsin with Apogee.

With the new contract in place, students can experience new HBO channels along with HBO Go, 20 hours of DVR, a Campus Channel, live-streamed events and streaming capabilities from any mobile device anywhere on campus. These services come at no extra cost for students, for the college is completely covering the expense. To access these services, students download an app onto their devices.

According to Vice President of Finance Karl Solibakke, the college will install Apogee T.V. into Storzer and into Bovay’s: Ripon College Study Bar and Mercantile, located 329 Watson St.

“We’re setting up 329 and Storzer as basically as trial areas, and they will go online probably in April. Basically, those will be augmented by moving into all the other spaces and courses,” Solibakke said.

He noted that after the April installation students will have the chance to experience live-streamed sports and possibly a Campus Channel at Bovay’s, giving them a glimpse of what the fall semester may bring. However, the college is still unsure of the full extent of the technological capabilities that it will be providing at Bovay’s. College offices are looking into whether the 314 Project Space will have the same capabilities for Apogee as Bovay’s and Storzer as well.

Solibakke added there is a penalty fee that the college will have to pay if they decide to leave the six year contract.

Solibakke noted if students have any praises or complaints about Apogee, then they should visit him at his office, the second floor of Smith Hall.