New department aims to help students with careers


By: Tyler Sturzl 

“Students are going to be asked, ‘what are you good at?’ or ‘what group on campus is going to give you the right opportunities to demonstrate your skills?’ So long are the days of being asked ‘what are you passionate about?’” said Lindsay Blumer, the new Assistant Dean of Professional Development and Career Services.

Last May, Dean of Faculty Ed Wingenbach announced the new appointment for Assistant Dean Blumer. He stated how this new department would work closely with students to give them with the right skills they need to be successful in finding a job they want. Dean Wingenbach said, “the Assistant Dean of Career and Professional Development works directly with students to discover vocational passion, understand the skills necessary to succeed and empower them to achieve their career and professional goals.”

Blumer wants to provide students with curriculum focused individualized career counseling,

“this approach provides hands-on opportunities that measurably prepare students for life after Ripon,” Blumer said. She wants to showcase the success of students here at Ripon, which in return shows how highly involved lives translate into highly demanded workplace skills. Each student will be able to emphasize what skills they personally possess that will set them apart in the workforce.

Blumer is additionally focusing on a strong, hands-on approach for students looking for employment after Ripon. Career fairs, resume/CV writing assistance, mock interviewing, and personal statements for further education are just a few resources offered to every student.  

Blumer stated her aspirations for the upcoming semesters that would give students an even larger edge in the workforce. She plans on partnering with businesses for future career opportunities, helping students engage in off campus learning opportunities, and is devising plans for a “take a student to work day.” In addition to her future goals for her new position, Ripon College is expected to launch a new online career center consisting of access to an online job board, ways to share resumes, connections with alumni, and support from the Ripon College family.

Blumer’s officer is located on the second floor of Harwood Memorial Union. Appointments to start the individualized career and professional planning can be made by contacting her at [email protected].